Focus on Traffic Safety

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Traffic Safety - Jim | Spot #2: Carnage


Unfortunately, 2018 was a record high year with 48 deadly traffic crashes, eclipsing the record of 43 set in 1986. These accidents involved vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. 

Common factors among the majority of auto/pedestrian/bike crashes are:

  • Speed
  • distracted driving
  • impaired driving
  • Impatience 

This trend is a concern for our community. The Colorado Springs Police Department and the City's Traffic Engineering Division are launching a traffic safety campaign. They are also implementing a red light safety program. The intention is to bolster ongoing efforts to reduce traffic injuries and deaths.

The City's efforts can only do so much to reduce crashes. A shift in behavior for all roadway users is also needed to reduce the number and severity of crashes.

What Residents Can Do

We can’t always control external factors. We can take our own safety in our hands to make the best decisions and improve our outcome.

  • Be alert to your surroundings, especially non-motorists around them. Distractions have no place on our roadways.
  • Slow down. Being a few minutes late is better than not showing up at all.
  • Don’t be the distraction. Don’t text people when you know they are driving.

Roadway users should take the following steps to reduce their risk.


  • Be visible and be alert, especially after dark.
  • Be alert and make eye contact with others when crossing intersections
  • Use the crosswalk and push the button to aide in safe crossing
  • Use the sidewalk, not the roadway

Focus On Safety | Pedestrians


  • Drive the speed limit
  • Put away the distractions. This includes cell phones (even when on hands-free), eating, and looking for things. Even other people in the vehicle can distract the driver.
  • Be on the lookout at intersections, driveways and when backing
  • Treat people on bikes as a motor vehicle as they have a legal right to be on the road

Focus On Safety | Drivers


Focus On Safety | Bicyclists

  • Know the traffic laws and follow them as you would in a car.
  • Be predictable- use hand signals and eye contact to communicate to others
  • Be visible- wear appropriate lighting and reflective clothing after dark, and position your bike where people can see you.

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