Public Works Operations & Maintenance Division

Public Works Operations & Maintenance Division

Public Works using special technology to assess pavement conditions citywide

Pavement Scope Project

Video description

(modified van driving toward camera. It has lots of high tech 230 degree cameras, antennas, GPS, lasers, and other equipment on top)

on screen text: This vehicle is the driving force behind improving our roads.

(side view of van driving past)

on screen text: which roads need the most attention?

(close up view of monitor inside of van. shows a spreadsheet of the data being collected. Two people in the front seat.)

on screen text: Where should the city spend its resources?

(closeup of equipment on top of van.)

on screen text: This technology help to answer those questions.

(Looking down Pikes Peak as the van drives up the highway. Distant lower elevations in the background display how high up the road is)

on screen text: 1408 linear miles of the city's roadways will be assessed.

(back of van covered in stickers saying "Keep back 50 feet," "Caution," "slow", "road testing." large camera on top of the vehicle points at the roadway behind the van.)

on screen text: using laser, GPS, and 3D technology to help our Public Works employees make important decisions.

(van driving away. Man in passenger seat of the van pushing buttons on a large, flat device full of buttons, a monitor with a map, and a laptop. van driving away.)

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Public Works Operations & Maintenance Division


Phone: (719) 385-5934
Fax: (719) 385-6834
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688 Geiger Ct.
Colorado Springs, CO 80915

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The Operations & Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining:

  • 6,327 Lane Miles of Roadway
  • 2,870 Miles of Curb & Gutter
  • 36 Lane Miles of Unimproved Roadways
  • 1,231 Alleys
  • 303 Miles of Open Drainage Channels
  • 706 Miles of Underground Storm Systems

"6,155 miles = Colorado Springs to Ancient Olympia, Greece"

To report potholes, or other concrete, drainage or roadway issues, please submit a service request or call 719-385-ROAD (7623).