Printers Parkway & South Parkside Drive Roundabout

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Project Details

Construction Update


photo of construction work

Crews install a 40-foot precast concrete inlet on June 17, 2020.  Work on underground stormwater facilities and utilities are largely completed and crews are beginning to make progress on the roadway, roundabout, and associated curbs, gutters and sidewalks.

The intersection of Printers Parkway and Parkside Drive was closed in March 2020 to build a roundabout at the intersection. Traffic has been detoured along International Circle, which provides a natural detour around construction while maintaining access to businesses. All construction work is weather-dependent. 


detour map

All businesses and destinations remain accessible during construction.


The intersection of Printers Parkway and South Parkside Drive.



rendering of roundabout

The new roundabout will improve safety and traffic flow in the immediate area.

The City is installing a roundabout to address safety concerns at the intersection. This project will replace the large intersection and its four-way stop signs with a roundabout in an effort to enhance safety for people crossing Printers Parkway at this intersection.

The old configuration required travelers to stop in the middle of the intersection paralleling a wide median before crossing the road or turning onto Printers Parkway. This has consistently rated as a high-accident intersection among City-owned roads in Colorado Springs. Due to the wide median and right-of-way footprint of the intersection, City Engineering staff determined the best solution is a roundabout.

Key Elements

  • The City was awarded a grant from the Federal Hazard Elimination System (HES) in the amount of $561,433 to construct this project. The City of Colorado Springs will contribute a Local Agency Match of $62,382.
  • The roundabout will have a single lane. Through lanes on Printers Parkway will be reduced from two lanes to one just before the roundabout.
  • The project was designed by Jacobs Engineering, under contract to City Engineering. Blue Ridge Construction will build the roundabout.
  • Roundabouts have proven to have less severe crashes and, in this case, should reduce all front to side crashes.  Roundabouts also present a constant-flow option to allow for traffic movements without delays when compared to other intersection options.


Construction began in March 2020 and will continue until early August, weather permitting.

Project Team

Project Manager: Kevin Diekelman, City of Colorado Springs
Engineering Design: Jacobs Engineering
Construction Management: NV5
Construction Contractor: Blue Ridge Construction

Public Involvement: Hayward, LLC

Public Information

George Hayward, 719-314-5018;  Your call or email will be returned within one business day. Click here to be added to the project email list.

Public Open House April 23, 2019

A public open house took place on April 23, 2019, where the public could view the proposed intersection and construction plans.  Engineers from the project team and the City of Colorado Springs were on-hand to answer questions.  Presentation materials are below: