CSPD Operations During COVID-19 Pandemic

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     As our community continues to feel the effects of COVID-19, the Colorado Springs Police Department remains committed to serving our community both professionally and responsibly. We take the health of our employees and community members very seriously, which is why we are taking extra steps to help keep everyone safe.

     While things may look different in the coming months, we will remain steadfast in our mission.  We will keep the community updated with any operational changes that may affect how we respond to calls for service, as well as information on the safety precautions our department is taking. Please recognize, that our processes may change as this health emergency evolves.

Call-In Information Regarding the "Stay-at-Home" Order:  In response to the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping our state, nation and world, the Colorado State Patrol has activated a call center to assist with questions from business or individuals with respect to the Public Health Order (PHO) (i.e., "Stay-at-Home" order) issued by Governor Polis.  Our mission is to serve as a force multiplier in helping triage questions from the public from a law enforcement perspective and to assist the public with finding answers.  Call 833-598-5553 any day of the week, 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Temporary CSPD Procedure Changes

  • You may see some officers wearing masks while responding to calls for service. This is not indicative that they have COVID-19. There are many reasons why an officer may be wearing a mask, to include the type of call they are responding to or they might have a pre-determined compromised immune system.
  • For low-priority calls, community members may receive a phone call to file a report instead of an in-person contact. This is to help reduce face-to-face interactions.
  • If you make a phone call to 9-1-1, a call-taker may ask questions relating to illness or COVID-19, especially if you are calling with a medical emergency. This will help officers prepare to the best of their abilities before arriving on scene.
  • If you are pulled over by an officer for a traffic stop, they may request for you to hold your documentation out so they can photograph it, rather than physically handle the documents themselves. The officer will then return to their vehicle, safely verify information, and fill out any potential summons paperwork.
    • All photos will be immediately deleted after the traffic stop.
    • A driver's signature will no longer be requested. Instead, the officer will write "COVID-19".  Not requesting signatures is another way we can limit our contact and practice safe social distancing. NOTE: This does NOT mean an officer has COVID-19 or believes the driver has been exposed. It simply means that this event occurred during the spread of coronavirus.

Events and Programs

All community events have been postponed.

This includes:

  • 2020 Community Academy for Spanish Speakers
  • Coffee with a Cop
  • Recruiting events

All community programs have been postponed.

This includes:

  • Civilian Ride Along Program
  • Elementary school visits
  • Substation tours
  • Volunteer program