Pikes Peak Regional Emergency Management - Colorado Springs

Pikes Peak Regional Emergency Management - Colorado Springs

El Paso County Public Health is closely monitoring the outbreak of novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. They are working in collaboration with other national, state and local partners. You will find a lot of public health information on their website. On this page you will find some additional resources.
The goal of local officials is to focus on education and voluntary compliance. While citations, fines, or jail are possible for violating the order, local public health staff and law enforcement would rather rely on education and outreach to correct violations. We encourage citizens to voluntarily comply with the Stay at Home Order for their safety, the safety of their families, friends and neighbors. 

Do not call 9-1-1 to report potential violations of the order, residents who suspect that someone is violating the order should first contact El Paso County Public Health at 719-578-3167. Residents may also file a report with the Attorney General’s Office at covid19@coag.gov if they are unable to report to local law enforcement or public health.

Questions about COVID-19

If you are in El Paso County and have non-urgent questions about COVID-19, please call the El Paso County Public Health call center at 719-575-8888. 

If you have general questions about COVID-19, you can call CO HELP at 303-389-1687 or 1-877-462-2911. You can also email COHELP@RMPDC.org for answers in English and Spanish (Español), Mandarin (普通话), and more. 


Public Health Information

The Pikes Peak Regional Office of Emergency ManagementThe City and County are consolidating their Offices of Emergency Management in an effort to optimize staff resources, establish a single point of contact during major incidences and enhance communication both during and after an event. The new office, the Pikes Peak Regional Office of Emergency Management (PPR-OEM) will support operations during a disaster or emergency in El Paso County and Colorado Springs.Because disaster knows no jurisdictional boundaries, we can most efficiently prepare for an emergency and respond to one by coordinating our efforts on a regional basis. The establishment of the PPR-OEM will allow the county and the city to more effectively coordinate and assist first responders in an emergency as well as preparing the government and the community for a disaster. is responsible for providing mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery, and coordination for large-scale emergencies and disasters, both natural and human-caused, to residents of El Paso County and Colorado Springs for the purpose of saving lives and preventing property damage. 

This webpage provides emergency preparedness information specifically for Colorado Springs. Please visit El Paso County's website for information for other areas in El Paso County.