Station Information

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The Colorado Springs Fire Department currently includes 23 fire stations that serve our community!

Please view the map below to see where our stations are located:

  • Stations with Red Markers do not have Community Rooms
  • Stations with Orange Markers do have Community Rooms

Map of fire stations

Fire Station Addresses

NOTE: The phone numbers for the Colorado Springs Fire Department fire stations are unlisted. If you would like to contact a fire station, please call our headquarters office at 719-385-5950 during regular business hours to be transferred. If it is an emergency, call 911.


Fire Department Complex

375 Printers Parkway

Fire Department West

370 Printers Parkway

Fire Construction Services

2880 International Circle

Community & Public Health Division

31 S. Weber Street

Fire Station 1

29 S. Weber Street

Fire Station 2

314 E. San Miguel Street

Fire Station 3

922 W. Colorado Avenue

Fire Station 4

2280 Southgate Road

Fire Station 5

2830 W. Colorado Avenue

Fire Station 6

2430 N. Union Blvd.

Fire Station 7

3901 Palmer Park Blvd.

Fire Station 8

3737 Airport Road

Fire Station 9

622 W. Garden of the Gods Road

Fire Station 10

3730 Meadowland Blvd.

Fire Station 11

3810 Jet Wing Drive

Fire Station 12

445 Rockrimmon Blvd.

Fire Station 13

1475 Cresta Road

Fire Station 14

1875 Dublin Blvd.

Fire Station 15

4770 Scarlet Drive

Fire Station 16

4980 Farthing Drive

Fire Station 17

3750 Tutt Blvd.

Fire Station 18

6830 Hadler View

Fire Station 19

2490 Research Parkway

Fire Station 20

6755 Rangewood Drive

Fire Station 21

7320 Dublin Blvd.

Fire Station 22

711 Copper Center Parkway

Fire Station 23

373 Printers Parkway