Medical Marijuana / Extraction Operations

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Information regarding extraction submittal requirements as well as general fire code provisions for medical marijuana use. This also applies to existing medical marijuana and / or other similar facilities wishing to add extraction operations.

  • Extraction Operation Guide: Requirements for the installation and use of extraction operations
  • Extraction Equipment Submittal Form: This form is required to be submitted with all plans submitted to the Regional Building Department utilizing medical marijuana extraction.
  • RBD Occupancy Classification Update: An official statement from Pikes Peak Regional Building Department regarding the occupancy classifications for marijuana business functions.
  • Extraction Submittal Requirements: General information regarding requirements for each step along the process for extraction equipment installation. This also applies to equipment used for extractions of other plant-based products.
  • CSFD Approved Extraction Equipment:The list of currently approved extraction equipment. Extraction equipment not on this list shall not be used within City limits.
  • Inspection Checklist: A checklist that can be used by owners/operators regarding fire code requirements for their facility. Note this list is not all inclusive.
  • Marijuana Guidance Document: A link to the Marijuana Facility Guidance Document page.
  • Marijuana Concentrates (Hash Oil) Amendment: Pertaining to the manufacture of marijuana concentrates involving the use of a compressed flammable gas, flammable gas, flammable liquid, or combustible liquid as a solvent in a residential setting, and providing penalties for the violation thereof.

Plant Extraction Operations FAQ

When do I need a permit for my extraction room?

A permit is required for any extraction process that utilizes hazardous materials or is an inherently hazardous process (LPG, flammable/combustible liquids, etc), or will use hazardous materials as part of the post-processing (winterization/dewaxing). Additional hazardous material permits may be required for the amount of hazardous materials storage (LPG cages outside, CO2 tanks, ethanol storage, etc.) on site as well.

What is required for my extraction room?

The extraction room must comply with Chapter 39 of the 2015 Colorado Springs Fire Code and applicable portions of the latest building code requirements adopted by Regional Building Department (RBD). The plans must be submitted and approved by RBD and CSFD before work can begin on the room and the equipment installed. In general, the requirements for hazardous extraction processes include, but are not limited to:

  • The extraction room must be classified as an F-1 occupancy and must be separated from the rest of the occupancy by a 1-hr fire barrier.
  • The room must be electrically classified as a Class 1, Division 1 area
  • The room must be monitored by an appropriate gas detector and must alarm at the appropriate thresholds
  • The room must be provided with ventilation that will ensure sufficient capture velocity that limits the concentration of gas to acceptable levels

What do I need to include with my plans?

In addition, the following documentation is required with every plan submittal:

  • Extraction equipment master report containing:
    • Prepared by CSFD approved agency only
    • Accepted by and on file with CSFD prior to any plan submission
    • Title Sheet Requirements:
      • Review #
      • Revision #
      • Review date
      • Full name of manufacturer
      • Full address of manufacturer
  • Extraction equipment cut sheet (must be from CSFD’s approved extraction equipment list)
  • Extraction equipment letter of intent containing:
    • One sheet/letter for each piece of extraction equipment
      • Make, model, any/all serial numbers
      • Review #, Revision #
      • Review date of Master Equipment Report on file
      • Any/all known names of the facility
      • Full address of facility o Completed by Engineer of Record or OEM
      • On company letterhead of EOR
    • Required to submit to CSFD PRIOR to final inspection:
      • Extraction Equipment Installation Letter
      • Extraction Equipment Installation Inspection Report

What about post-processing requirements?

If any post-processing utilizes hazardous materials, details of the process shall be provided as well. The processes shall comply with all applicable portions of the 2015 Colorado Springs Fire Code.

Specifically, all ovens and refrigerators that will store plant material that is off-gassing flammable or combustible material must be rated to be explosion-proof, or detailed information must be provided that proves that the atmosphere inside the equipment will be less than 25% of the LFL.