Hotel Safety

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Fire Safe Travels!

Vacations and business travel make hotels and motels our homes away from home. It is just as important to be prepared and know what you would do in a hotel/motel emergency as it is in your own home. On average, one of every 12 hotels or motels reported a structure fire each year. The majority of hotel fire deaths result from fires that started in the bedroom.

The Colorado Springs Fire Department encourages all travelers to spend a few minutes when you check into a hotel/motel to review the emergency evacuation plans. Enjoy your vacation and learn to stay safe when you are away from home.

Take steps to stay safe away from home by never smoking in bed and if a fire is in your room, get out quickly. Remember to close the door, sound the alarm, and notify the front desk. Always use a stairwell, never an elevator.  The elevator could stop at the floor of the fire.

If the fire is not in your room, leave if it is safe to do so. Be sure to take your room key with you in case fire blocks your escape and you need to re-enter your room. To check the hallway for fire, touch the door with the back of your hand to test the temperature. If the door is cool, get low to the floor, brace your shoulder against the door and open it slowly. Be ready to close it quickly if there are flames on the other side. Crawl low in the smoke to the nearest exit; the freshest air is near the floor.

Action Steps You Can Take:

  • Choose a hotel/motel that is protected by both smoke alarms and a fire sprinkler system.
  • When you check in, ask the front desk what the fire alarm sounds like.
  • When you enter your room, review the escape plan posted in your room.
  • Take the time to find the exits and count the number of doors between your room and the exit.
  • Make sure the exits are unlocked. If they are locked, report it to management right away.
  • Keep your room key by your bed and take it with you if there is a fire.
  • Shut off fans and air conditioners.
  • Stuff wet towels in the crack around the doors.
  • Call the fire department and let them know your location.
  • Wait at the window and signal with a flashlight or light colored cloth.

*Source National Fire Protection Association & US Fire Administration

You can download and print this Hotel Safety flyer.