Fuel Storage Tanks

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Information and permit applications for the installation, removal or abandonment of above and underground fuel storage tanks. This also applies to belly/integral tanks with generators.  

Download Permit Application (Application includes all options listed below)

  • Tank Installation Application: Permit application for any aboveground tank, underground tank or for the re-piping or re-lining of any tank.
  • Tank Removal Application: Permit application and plan submittal requirements for the removal of any aboveground or underground tank.
  • Tank Abandonment Application: Permit application for the abandonment of underground storage tanks.
  •  Generator Tank Installation Application: Permit application and plan submittal requirements for fuel tanks that are integral to a generator.
  • Flammable and Combustible Liquid Tanks Guide
  • Underground Storage Tank Plan Submittal Checklist: For all underground fuel storage tanks

Flammable and Combustible Liquid Storage Tanks FAQ

When do I need a permit for a fuel tank?

A fuel tank permit is required for any tanks (aboveground or underground) that store flammable or combustible liquids. A tank is defined as any vessel that has a capacity more than 60 gallons. This permit is part of the annual hazardous materials program for CSFD, which requires chemical inventory reporting and inspections annually.

What about an integral generator fuel tank (ie a belly tank)?

An integral generator fuel tank will be processed the same way as any other fuel tank, such as for storage and/or dispensing. They require a permit to be submitted and approved prior to installation, and must be inspected prior to filling. Note that integral tanks may have different code requirements than aboveground or underground fuel tanks, especially installed indoors.

Why do I need to submit my fuel tank plans separately from my RBD plans?

Because of the additional information that we need, as well as our process for issuing and inspecting these permits, we cannot review fuel tank permits as part of the general hazmat review at RBD. Any information that is required to be reviewed must be submitted with the permit application directly to the Division of the Fire Marshal at 375 Printers Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO.

What do I need to submit for my tank permit?

We require the following to be submitted with the permit application:

  • Site Diagram to scale, 11” x 17” maximum size, with distances in feet and North arrow, property boundaries, adjacent properties, on site structures and objects, openings in buildings/structures, utilities, parking, other storage/exposures.
  • Attach manufacturer specifications for the fuel storage tank.
  • Attach all piping and appurtenances specifications
  • Attach copies of State of Colorado-Division of Oil & Public Safety Tank Installation permit approval document form(s), as applicable (generally tanks greater than 660 gallons).