Educational Programs

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The Colorado Springs Fire Department has been on the forefront of fire and injury prevention with the programs we offer our community. Our award community risk reduction programs link together fire safety, injury prevention, systems engineering, fire code, emergency preparedness, fire operations pre-planning, access to community resources and one-on-one training. We provide a complete integrated prevention program that has a lasting impact on the safety of our community.


Schedule a Program

For more information or to request a program at your facility, please visit the program page to submit an interest form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I have to schedule a program?

Most Community Education Outreach programs are scheduled 3 weeks in advance.

How can I schedule the safety trailer?

The Safety Trailer is now owned, operated, and offered by El Paso Teller E 9-1-1. To schedule the trailer, call 719-785-1900.

What should I do if my child is showing an interest in playing with fire?

Unfortunately, children misusing fire is the leading cause of child fire casualties. Younger children are more likely to start fires in their home where older children and teenagers are more likely to start fires outside. The Colorado Springs Fire Department created the FireFactor programs to address the youth misuse of fire issues in our community. 

I would like to schedule a program for a senior group. Who should I contact?

Visit our CARELink page for information about available programs and scheduling.