Boulder Park Master Plan

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Project Overview

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Advisory Board unanimously approved the Boulder Park Master PlanA plan for the development of a portion of the city that contains proposed land uses, a generalized transportation system, and the relationship of the area included in the plan to surrounding property. on March 12, 2020.  This plan will guide identified needed park improvements some of which have 2020 funding through Tabor Retention such as the tennis/pickleball courts, multi-use court and the re-routing of the east end walking loop creating not only an improved walking experience but creating a new ‘west facing front porch’ court access and waiting area.  A project list will be made, posted, and identify which projects seek outside funding, might be led by the community, and what can be done internally through the PR&CS operations and maintenance staff.  This will allow the public to track progress over time and understand how they can assist in improving their neighborhood park.  Thanks to the Friends of Boulder Park, the Trails & Open Space Coalition, UC Health, and the over 100 community members who have been involved over the past four years!

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Background & Milestones

Starting in 2014 concerned residents began a discussion with the City of Colorado Springs and Memorial Hospital (now UC Health) about the smoking issues in the park as well as needed park improvements.  The four-year discussion resulted in the creation of The Friends of Boulder Park, and the launch of a Boulder Park Master Plan process to collect community input and evaluate park improvement needs.

(Summarized from the Friends of Boulder Park – FOBP)


  • Residents, City and hospital meet to discuss smoking & park Improvements.


  • Residents pursue smoking concerns, as well as park improvement options.


  • Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Department (PRCS) padlocks unsafe tennis courts, keeps basketball court open due to popularity.
  • Request made to PRCS Dept. Director to reach out to City Council to eliminate smoking in parks.
  • Residents speak at PRCS Advisory Board Meeting; Creation of a friends group is suggested by Susan Davies, Trails & Open Space Coalition (TOSC).
  • Susan Davies (TOSC) writes article for Gazette on need for greater funding, citing Boulder Park as an example.
  • Residents meet with Councilmember Jill Gaebler in Boulder Park
  • Two new smoking locations proposed, but rejected by residents
  • Neighborhood Meeting held; 30+ attendee’s; List of Priorities created.
  • UCH locks fence gate between hospital and courts (east side).
  • FOBP application submitted to City and approved.
  • No Smoking signs go up; benches and cigarette receptacles on east side removed.


  • Ongoing FOBP meetings with UCH and with City PRCS Dept.
  • FOBP Board votes to pursue TOSC as fiscal sponsor.
  • Ongoing meetings held with TOSC to share updates and discuss fiscal sponsorship. Neighborhood event held in Park.(Several held throughout the entire timeline).
  • FOBP attend Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Advisory Board Meeting: Provides a Board thank you, updates on participation, and requests to implement a tree replacement program similar to Old North End program.
  • First meeting held with PRCS Dept. staff on moving a Master Plan process forward.
  • TOSC Board approves the request from FOBP to be fiscal sponsor with defined goals.
  • City PRCS Staff provides a Draft 2019 Boulder Park Master Plan schedule.


  • Boulder Park Master Plan process begins.  (Duration: 1 year)


  • Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Advisory Board unanimously approved master plan.  (March 12, 2020)


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Public Process

Public Meeting #4 Draft Master Plan Discussion January 30th 2020

Please join us for the Boulder Park Draft Master Plan Public Meeting on January 30th, 2020. The meeting will be held at the North Middle School Cafeteria (612 E Yampa Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903) This meeting will bring forward the Draft Master Plan based on the outreach results over the past year. This Boulder Park Master Plan identifies desired park improvements and will inform future public and private funding efforts.

Past Meetings

January 30th Public Meeting #3

On Thursday, January 30th at North Middle School we had approximately 20 residents attend our public discussion on the Draft Boulder Park Master Plan needed and possible future improvements. Connie Schmeisser, Landscape Architect II with the City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department went through the project purpose, site accessibility concerns, overall public feedback, Master Plan rendering, Master Plan elements and next steps.  At the end of the meeting, staff took questions.  Minutes, Questions and Responses are coming soon

Public Meeting #2 Draft Master Plan Discussion November 13th 2019

On Wednesday, November 13th at Columbia Elementary School we had approximately 28 residents attend our public discussion on the Boulder Park site analysis, needed and possible future improvements.  This meeting started with congratulations for the recent TABOR Ballot park initiative success.  This would not have been possible without the support of the Trails and Open Space Coalition (TOSC), Friends of Boulder Park, and our citizens.  This will now allow the City in 2020 to remove the Boulder Park existing tennis and multi-use (basketball) courts and replace them with new post tension tennis/pickleball and multi-use basketball courts.  A much needed, replacement project.  In the meeting, we followed the presentation and went over the purpose of the project; discussed re-routing of the east end walking loop from the east side to the west side of the existing tennis courts for a better walking experience; discussed staff responses from various internal PRCS Department groups about turf, irrigation, trees, picnic areas, the ADA accessible improvement needs, and went over some costs.  Please see the documents below for the presentation and list of public comment, questions and follow-up items.  In January we will hold another public meeting to get final public input on the Boulder Park Master Plan and concepts before moving onto the PRCS Advisory Board for approval in February/March.  We will post the new meeting time, as soon as it is scheduled.

Public Meeting #1:  February 6, 2019

Contact Information

For additional project questions or comments please contact:

Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services Dept.

For further questions about The Friends of Boulder Park, please contact:

Friends of Boulder Park (FOBP)